Haverford Cricket Starts on a High Note

By Toni Aguilar Cole and Courtney Link, Staff Writers

In the first game of the season held on Sept. 11, the Haverford cricket team faced the US women’s national team in a rare exhibition match. An anticipated win for the national team ended with a rather close score of 63-62 in Haverford’s favor. The Haverford team is comprised of sixteen men and one woman, whereas the national team held only ten women.

David White ‘17, Haverford’s team captain, commented at halftime that the women’s team “couldn’t hit [them]”. He argued that Haverford’s team threw the ball at faster speeds, while the women’s team put more of a strategic spin on their pitches. White made a comment that “the game [was] a great way to start the season.” Nicholas Munves ‘18, felt that the game was “very good for [them]” considering that they were playing such an experienced team. (use digits)

The starting line-up consisted of six first years, all of whom were new to the sport. Kamran Khan, the coach of Haverford’s team for forty years, felt that his team was “improving a lot” and he made predictions of a promising spring season. He feels that, while he loves playing cricket, “the best part is teaching discipline. Commitment and dedication are needed qualities.” He often tells his team to “keep your head on the ball,” both in the sense of the game and life. Overall, Khan is very well accepted and respected by the team. Even a graduate, Alisa Strayer, remembered him as “an amazing coach.”

Strayer, a Haverford alum, was welcomed back to her home field as a member of the US women’s national team. She began her cricket career when she came to Haverford as a first year, like many of the current members. As one of the only women on a male-dominated team during her career at Haverford, Strayer feels that she is now facing an adjustment coming to an all-women’s team. While it she feels that it is “nice and less patronizing” to play with a group of great women, she looks back on her time spent with the Haverford team fondly. She said, “It’s easy to miss them. Some of my best friends were made on this field.” Strayer had nothing but good words to say in regards to her old Haverford teammates, calling them “supportive and wonderful people.” However, she did recall “harsh comments made by other teams” and feels that the transition to an all-women’s team has been an overall positive one.

The Haverford cricket team is most definitely on the rise. Their caliber of play held up well against a top tier team and they were ultimately able to claim a victory. With another win over the British Officers Cricket Club this past weekend, they are off to a great start of the fall season and hopefully a successful year. The spring season will bring more competitive teams than the fall season due to the longer season and more exciting matchups. The spring season will also bring an international tournament held at Haverford which includes teams from Australia, England, and New Zealand. Coach Khan and many of the team members are thrilled for their prospective games and learning even more how to playing the game.

From the print edition published on Oct. 5, 2016

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