Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker Josh Fox Talks at Haverford

By Sophie Webb, Features Editor

Oscar-nominated writer and director Josh Fox joined students, faculty and community members on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at Haverford College for a screening of his newest film How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change and a follow-up Q&A discussion.

Fox is the writer and director of the film GasLand, parts one and two, and he directed a documentary about fracking, a method of extracting oil and gas from the earth. Fox considers himself an environmental activist and is an outspoken critic of fracking. He has been to Standing Rock to protest the North Dakota Access Pipeline, and he uses his skills as a playwright, director and filmmaker to create movies that educate people about climate change and inspire viewers to get involved.

Fox’s latest film follows his journey around the world as he interacts with different communities affected by climate change and gathers footage for his film. For two hours and seven minutes, the audience was given a raw and emotional look into the effects of climate change on people and communities across the globe. The film was personal, attaching human faces to abstract concepts by following community leaders and changemakers, and it showed the audience what climate change looks like. At the same time, it drove home the message that we can’t control and fix everything and emphasized that “it’s time to celebrate life and love.”

The Q&A following the screening was lively and constructive. Fox fielded questions from the audience and offered his own thoughts and opinions. He spoke passionately not just about his film and his work, but also about the current political climate.

“We are having an incredibly participatory moment … I want to see people in the streets all the time, it’s just more fun that way.” As Fox spoke and engaged with the audience, he deliberately connected what he was talking about to the Haverford community. He drew attention to a student in the room who is part of the club Haverfordians for a Livable Future, giving her the opportunity to explain the club’s activities and ask members of the audience to attend the next meeting. The Q&A lasted almost an hour, covering an array of topics, and ended with Fox’s reminder to the audience that it is important to find ways to be socially involved and engaged, but that it is just as important to do what you love.

From the print edition published Dec. 7, 2016

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