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Haverford and Bryn Mawr students protest the Vietnam War on Founders Green in the spring of 1967.

Reading Reveals Psychological Traumas of Combat Michael Pavliv, Managing Editor Photography courtesy of Bi College News Archives Wartime poetry is approximately as old as the literary genre itself; writings like the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and Homer’s Iliad date back several millennia. But throughout much of recorded history, poems on the subject tend to glamorize […]

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Photo courtesy of CCHM Victorian Book Club

Lily Lopate, Editor in Chief When I was eleven, I wanted a guarantee that a book would be satisfactory, so I would read the last chapter before committing to any purchase. Not quite carefree, I was seeking assurance.  In hindsight, my tendency to jump ahead was inconsiderate to the likes of Frances Burnett or E.B […]

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Originally Published: Jan. 12, 2010 Yeah, almost all the reasons why people love the United States are bullshit. To say it is democratic is inane when in so many other places, people have just as much say in how they are governed as we do in America, if not more. The inspiration for American democracy […]

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By Liz Hood Columnist Originally Published: Dec. 20, 2009 As we enter December, we find ourselves once again in the midst of finals week and all the grind and anxiety it brings. It’s the most stressful time of year, a time when we have hundreds of papers due and even more hours of studying ahead. […]

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By Meena Seralathan Originally Publish: Jan 21,2010 As finals week gets underway and my brain begins to dissolve under the strain of exams and other responsibilities, I’ve decided that the best way to spend my time when I finally get home is to start watching a bunch of mindless action flicks. Naturally, this led me […]

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By Hannah Jaenicke  After a year-long search, Joe Spadaro has been named as Haverford’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). President Dr. Stephen G. Emerson ’74 said that Spadaro was the administration’s first choice for the role, although all of the candidates were strong contenders. Spadaro currently holds a similar position at St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY, […]

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By Elizabeth Svokos Professor Zolani Ngwane started working as an assistant professor at Haverford in 2001. His professional future panned out as expected: he became a full-time professor in the Anthropology department, teaching classes ranging from modernism to religion to the theories behind anthropology.  “I like all facets of anthropology,” he said.  But before he settled down […]

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My first instinct is to smile remembering Greg’s quick wit and priceless sense of humor. Greg was a great teacher. He showed us all the truly important things in life by the way he led his life; what it means to be honest, modest, gentle, fair, and generous.

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By Sophia Guida On a crisp Friday afternoon, on a tiny stage in a school auditorium, a group of five Bi-Co students and their professor warmed up to dance away the afternoon, amid broken chairs and fluorescent lights. A frazzled teacher stood before the audience, the second and sixth graders of Morrison School in Olney, […]

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By Amanda Kennedy Winter break has a lot in store for Bryn Mawr freshman Katie Zeigler. With ice dancing partner Baxter Burbanks, Zeigler will lace up her skates and participate in the 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Wash from Jan. 14-24. The competition will feature Zeigler and Burbanks in the Junior Ice Dance […]

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By Lauren Gill The tri-co’s only Latin Dance Troupe, Pulso Latino, presented its fall showcase on Friday night in Marshall Auditorium.  The troupe wowed the audience, performing passionate, elegant numbers as well as upbeat, fun ones.  The show started off on a high note with “Cumbia,” a by-product of the traditional Colombian Cumbia.  This was […]

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by Milap Dixit Students make videos for open-source exhibition project. Haverford artists Dylan Ravenfox ’09, Sam Kaplan ’10 & Goda Trakumaite ’10, Robin Riskin 12, and Jane Holloway ’11 and Bryn Mawr artist Samantha Salazar ’11 displayed short video works for the installation apparatuses that make up Finley + Muse’s Imaginative Feats Literally Presented: Three […]