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The student art pieces, a collaboration by many different students contributing both by name and anonymously, reflecting on their experiences as Latino Americans, were put together by Orsola Capovilla-Searle. The Afro Latina photography was on loan from Whitney Lopez. The immigration portion of the gallery was put together by Ana Mejia from Mawrters from Immigrant […]

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black mask

By Lily Lopate Staff Writer “We seek a form of action which transcends the separation between art and politics: it is the act of revolution” – Black Mask Publication (1967) Haverford’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery is exhibiting a new show curated by Natalie Musteata. Building off the views of anarchist feminist Emma Goldman, who famously declared, […]

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Rachel Genovese Managing Editor   A weeping violin plays in the background and a single young lady enters on stage, brow furrowed, pacing. She stops in her tracks as her thoughts are broken by a piercing train whistle…or perhaps a woman’s scream? Other children join the young lady as a narrator lists their names over […]

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Hijabi Monologues picture

By Maya Felman Staff Writer At seven o’clock on Saturday March 22, eight Bryn Mawr students sat in a row of chairs on the raised platform in Old Rhoads Dining Hall. Farah Al-Yagout ‘16 stepped forward, approaching the audience that had quickly filled the room. “I’m tired,” Al-Yagout declared, thus beginning the first performance of the Hijabi […]

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Photos by Maria McGurrin  

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Photos by Maria McGurrin For more information on the 2014 and 2015 Philadelphia flower shows visit  

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Kevin Young (Photo courtesy Bryn Mawr College)

By Maya Felman Staff Writer Poet and National Book Award finalist Kevin Young gave a reading in the Goodhart Music Room on Thursday, February 20th as the latest installment of the Bryn Mawr College Creative Writing Program Reading Series. Young has authored seven volumes of poetry: Ardency: A Chronicle of the Amistad Rebels (2011), Dear […]

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Grant does some mixing on a nice day. (Photo courtesy Rogan Grant)

By Ash Khayami Staff Writer It is not uncommon for people in college to equate career paths with intended majors. For example, biology majors are assumed to be on track for medical school or econ majors are bound for business school. However, for many of us, college life opens opportunities for the future that cannot […]

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An advertisement for the new disorientation zine.

By Zubin Hill Staff Writer College, it is widely believed, is a place to grow, come into oneself, express your identity, and learn from others. A new zine—Disorientation—created by the Bryn Mawr Environmental Justice League in collaboration with the College News aims to promote these goals. Organizers Eva Wu, Johannah Cordon-Hill, and Lee McClenon describe […]

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being haverage pic

Rachel Genovese Managing Editor Due to an oversight in editing, the interview printed in the 2/26/14 paper was missing a question.  This is the corrected interview. The newest upcoming webseries is a growing Bi-Co production called “Being Haverage.” While many college students can enjoy the humor presenting in the first released episode, members of the […]

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Photo by Margaretta K Mitchell

Qingyi Gong Staff Writer Last week’s Creative Writing Reading Series invited renowned Pulitzer Winning poet and essayist Robert Hass to Bryn Mawr campus to read his poems. The event was held in the Goodhart Music Room. Hass’ arrival attracted poetry lovers not only from the college community, but also from local areas. Several people came […]

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flute 2

By YunXuan (Stella) Cai Staff Writer On Monday, January 27, James Nyoraku Schlefer performed the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute made from bamboo, which marked the beginning of a series of Japanese music events at Haverford College this spring: “Wind in the Pines, the Taste of Nectar, Rolling Thunder: Mimesis and Embodiment in Japanese Music and […]