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Photo courtesy of Shadia Wood, Survival Media Agency

Qingyi Gong, Staff Writer On Tuesday September 23, over one hundred representatives, ranging from heads-of-state to government officials to leaders in business, finance and civil society, met in New York City for a United Nations summit to discuss the issue of climate change. The summit was the largest and most important global meeting on climate […]

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Alumna from the 1940s and 50's participate in the inauguration ceremony of Kim Cassidy, affectionately referred to as K-Cass.

Written by Zubin Hill and Lily Lopate Photography By Maria McGurrin and Jennifer Orr At 11:45 AM on September 20th, 2014, Bryn Mawr celebrated the formal inauguration of Kimberly Wright Cassidy as the ninth President of the College. Saturday’s inauguration ceremony was held on Merion Green, followed by a luncheon at the Wyndham Alumnae House. […]

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Shreepriya Poudel, Contributing Writer In the craziness of a typical semester in the Bi-Co, it can be really easy to forget all about our summer experiences and immediately address the list of assignments and papers due every week. My summer internship in Philadelphia gave me a major wake-up call as to how I was leading […]

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A demonstrator stands outside the church in Ferguson while Brown's family and civil rights leaders meet inside.

Umika Kumar and Michael Schwarze, Staff Writers All photos by Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo of Slate Magazine. See more of her work here. On Saturday, August 9th, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown was an ordinary young man walking down the street. Then, after being shot six times, he was dead. It’s been recorded he fought the […]

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Photo by Jennifer Orr

September 15th, 2014 On Bryn Mawr College, SGA, and Racism In response to the recent campus events and conversations concerning race,BiCo News decided to reprint the Student Government Association’s recent letter to the student body. We hope SGA’s voice, in conjunction with our coverage, will further the dialogue and provide some food for thought.  “Students have, […]

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“To Fight for Climate Justice, It is Time We March On” Qingyi Gong, Staff Writer Tens of thousands of climate activists from the U.S. and the world headed for New York City Sunday to demand action on climate change in the People’s Climate March two days before a UN Climate Summit. The march was assumed […]

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Lily Lopate, Editor in Chief “The college hug” is a language all its own. It needs no dialogue or footnotes. The vague form fits its function, leaving you with a feeling of ambivalence, as if you are stuck in a doorway not sure whether to walk through.  Almost calculated, it strikes the ideal balance between […]

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palm tree jpg

Lily Lopate, Co-Managing Editor For many, the prospect of summer fills our minds during the final month of school. Thoughts of reclining in an Adirondack chair, seeing family, or eating flavorful foods fuel us through to the end of finals. But what happens when the two-week stretch of delirious sleep patterns and fast-paced typing ends? When […]

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By Maya Felman Staff Writer Dean Spade, attorney, author, and associate professor of law at Seattle University, gave a talk titled “Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of the Law” to large audience crowded into a lecture hall in Carpenter on Thursday, March 27. Spade is the author of a 2011 book titled Normal Life: […]

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By Ash Khayami Staff Writer Even though Haverford may lag behind some of our fellow liberal arts colleges in its dedication to recycling and conservation, it is definitely taking steps to show greater initiative. Haverford started composting this semester at the Dining Center. The college selected a small company, Philly Compost, to handle the compost […]

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Rachel Genovese Managing Editor   A weeping violin plays in the background and a single young lady enters on stage, brow furrowed, pacing. She stops in her tracks as her thoughts are broken by a piercing train whistle…or perhaps a woman’s scream? Other children join the young lady as a narrator lists their names over […]

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Protesters zip-tied or standing in front of the White House fence.

By Zubin Hill Staff Writer It was on Sunday, the second of March when a contingent of Tri-Co students marched on Washington, D.C., on the White House. They went to protest, to dissent the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Now, I will halt here, for I imagine you are asking, “What is the Keystone […]