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Lily Lopate, Editor in Chief  Have you tasted the edamame beans and smoothies at Bryn Mawr? Yeah, they’re not half bad. Your taste buds may be bracing themselves for the watery bland taste of institutional food but Bryn Mawr’s selection upholds a standard of fresh and healthy. The food critics at “Best” agree, ranking […]

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Lily Lopate, Editor-in-Chief   I used to be afraid of flying. My ears used to pop under the cabin pressure. I also used to detest melons and hard-boiled eggs. After several months across the pond, airplanes, to say the least, have become as routine as blue buses in the Bi-Co. Wordsworth famously counseled that an experience […]

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Abby Hoyt, Staff Writer If Lorne Michaels tells you that you are the worst comedian he has ever seen, many aspiring comedians may have gotten discouraged and given up their dream altogether, but not Alan Zweibel. In fact, when he came to speak at Haverford College’s Marshall Auditorium on February 27, he explained how not […]

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Fiona Redmond, Staff Writer On February 14th, with a wintry mix falling and the feeling of an over-valued commercial holiday celebrated by capitalists all around, I and four friends headed down from Bryn Mawr to Reading Terminal Market at Jefferson Station, formerly known as Market East. After much debate about how to put off doing […]

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Monica Marie Zorrilla, Contributing Writer The first time I was called a whore, I was thirteen years old. It happened on an unusually breezy Miami day in February at the cafeteria of an all-boys Jesuit preparatory academy during an event where girls could infiltrate the inner sanctum of the testosterone-ridden halls. I was wearing the […]

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Isabella Nugent, Contributing Writer When it’s past twelve on a Friday night in Philadelphia, the last thing anyone is doing is thanking SEPTA. SEPTA (usually pronounced accompanied by a profanity) is too often seen as an immutable authority whose problems and little oddities simply have to be accepted as a part of the city. Even […]

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Aliya Chaudry, Staff Writer for the Arts Section, and Ashley Reid, Arts Editor, each choose fourteen favorite Valentine’s Day movies. Aliya’s Favorites 1. If You Love Valentine’s Day: Love Actually (2003) Starring: Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson Directed by: Richard Curtis Love Actually has a huge cast, and a good variety of love stories […]

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Postcard from Jay Garcia ’16 Studying in: Oxford, United Kingdom “Monday. It’s week 7 (out of eight) and things are settling down. It’s the first day of an Assassins Guild game (think water tag in teams of three), so I conceal a borrowed sword under my jumper and a handful of knives (pens) and head […]

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Ashley Reid, Arts Editor with contributions from The Bi-College News’ Staff Photography by Maria McGurrin, Photo Editor; Jennifer Orr, Staff Photographer and Hannah Nacheman, Contributing Photographer Before the start of 2015, Ashely Reid, Arts Editor and the Bi-College News’ Staff reflects on 2014. From the paper’s re-emergence on campus to Bryn Mawr’s new President  to […]

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Students gather in the Great Hall for a feast. Which one is at Hogwarts?

Photography by Maria McGurrin and Hannah Nacheman                                          

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Abby Hoyt, Staff Writer Jason Garner, a successful author and blogger, sat down with the Bi-College News to talk to us about how to live in the present moment. A former CEO, he realized the stresses and pressures of daily life and decided to do something about it. His book, …And I Breathed, which describes […]

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Aliya Chaudhry, Staff Writer Photography by Paola Noguares The Theater Program of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges recently presented their latest production, Love and Information, written by Caryl Churchill and directed by Catharine K. Slusar. The performances took place on November 14-16 and November 20-22 in the Hepburn Teaching Theater in Goodhart Hall. Love and […]