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Postcard from Jay Garcia ’16 Studying in: Oxford, United Kingdom “Monday. It’s week 7 (out of eight) and things are settling down. It’s the first day of an Assassins Guild game (think water tag in teams of three), so I conceal a borrowed sword under my jumper and a handful of knives (pens) and head […]

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Ashley Reid, Arts Editor with contributions from The Bi-College News’ Staff Photography by Maria McGurrin, Photo Editor; Jennifer Orr, Staff Photographer and Hannah Nacheman, Contributing Photographer Before the start of 2015, Ashely Reid, Arts Editor and the Bi-College News’ Staff reflects on 2014. From the paper’s re-emergence on campus to Bryn Mawr’s new President  to […]

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Students gather in the Great Hall for a feast. Which one is at Hogwarts?

Photography by Maria McGurrin and Hannah Nacheman                                          

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Abby Hoyt, Staff Writer Jason Garner, a successful author and blogger, sat down with the Bi-College News to talk to us about how to live in the present moment. A former CEO, he realized the stresses and pressures of daily life and decided to do something about it. His book, …And I Breathed, which describes […]

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Aliya Chaudhry, Staff Writer Photography by Paola Noguares The Theater Program of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges recently presented their latest production, Love and Information, written by Caryl Churchill and directed by Catharine K. Slusar. The performances took place on November 14-16 and November 20-22 in the Hepburn Teaching Theater in Goodhart Hall. Love and […]

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U.S House districts by party after 2014 Midterm Elections

U.S House districts by party after 2014 Midterm Elections Peter Kondelis, Contributing Writer The 2014 midterm elections marked the second straight midterm in which the Republican Party made strong gains after under-performing in a presidential election year. To borrow a term used by Villanova University Political Science Professor Matthew Kerbel at Bryn Mawr’s 2014 Post […]

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A BMC student helps hang a painting while working an unpaid internship for Christie's the auction house that sold 2 billion dollars worth of art last year. Photo courtesy of Bryn Mawr College Website.

Meral Kocak, Contributing Writer As deadlines for summer internships approach, huge swaths of students are spending precious time online researching for potential intern roles they can take on during the summer at NGOs, non-profits, businesses and governmental organizations. It is perhaps seen as a rite of passage that all millennials must go through: the dreaded […]

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A Big Cheese Forum from 2013 with seven representatives of the college in attendance.

Qingyi Gong, Staff Writer Bryn Mawr held the Big Cheese Forum in the campus center on Nov. 2nd, just two months after President Kim Cassidy’s inauguration and at a time when many student-related topics drew great attention from the student body and the larger campus community. The issues discussed on the forum included Title IX […]

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Photo courtesy of Crew Junior Images

Michael Schwarze, Staff Writer With the holidays rolling around again, Black Friday officially kicks off this shopping season.  Most people do not know the origins of this competitive shopping day. In fact, some attribute the Black Friday name to our very own Philadelphia. According to, the Philadelphia Police Department in the 1950s or ‘60s […]


Saxon Images Wherever you’re headed this Thanksgiving, it’s a given that you’ll be salivating over the food. Family dynamics, looming final exams and travel headaches aside – it’s the flavors that leave us wanting more.  Here are  some recipes BiCo News has in mind for this year. Send in pictures and tell us about yours. – Lily […]

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Umika Kumar, Staff Writer Photography by Maria McGurrin Every year, on a Sunday evening, Bryn Mawr first years gather in the cloisters, ready to have the light of knowledge passed down to them by their elders in the Bryn Mawr sisterhood. Cultish? A little. But beautiful…a lot. It is a magical night. The upperclassmen line […]

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Lizzie Siegle, Staff Writer Earlier this month, Tri-Co Computer Science (CS) students gathered at Bryn Mawr to learn about tech internships and jobs offered at Google.  Smith College alum and current Google college recruiter Sidnie Davis, along with a software engineer from the New York office, were looking to get more females to apply for […]