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Two student perform in the social commentary piece “1 in 5,” choreographed by Sofia Ranalli, about sexual harassment towards women on college campuses at the Fall Student Dance Concert.

Fiona Redmond, Staff Writer Photography by Maria McGurrin From Charlottesville to New Haven, from Chapel Hill to Swarthmore, a plethora of high-profile collegiate sexual assault scandals have swept the nation in recent years, generating negative media attention and provoking administrators to reevaluate campus policies. Colleges across the country—regardless of size, ownership, and prestige—have had multiple […]

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Barack Obama

Aliya Chaudhry, Staff Writer On Friday, January 9, President Barack Obama announced his plan to make community college free for students who attend at least half-time, provided they maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and are on track to complete their degree or transfer to a four-year college. Obama posted a video message recorded […]

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Lizzie Siegle, Staff Writer Beginning around 5:30 PM on Friday January 23, roughly fifty Tri-College students participated in the second annual Tri-College Hackathon. For the next forty-eight hours, teams of two to five people worked tirelessly to create a web or mobile application (“app”) that fit the theme of “Social and Environmental Impact.”    No prior […]

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Michael F. Schwarze, Staff Writer On Wednesday January 28 at 7:30 PM, former Duke University basketball star Jay Williams came to Haverford’s Stokes Auditorium to give a presentation. Like most of the crowd, I was fairly excited for the presentation, yet Jay Williams delivered a speech that blew away my expectations. I left inspired and energized to […]

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Abby Hoyt, Staff Writer On January 20, 2015, President Obama started his State of the Union address in the same way as he ran his 2008 campaign, by referencing “real” Americans. Obama referenced the Erler family of Minneapolis, who, after working low-end jobs for years, finally made ends meet after sending wife, Rebekah, to community […]

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Isabella Nugent, Contributing Writer When it’s past twelve on a Friday night in Philadelphia, the last thing anyone is doing is thanking SEPTA. SEPTA (usually pronounced accompanied by a profanity) is too often seen as an immutable authority whose problems and little oddities simply have to be accepted as a part of the city. Even […]

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Photo courtesy of the San Diego Free Press.

Emmeline Douglas-Mann, Staff Writer The Greek election on January 25 saw the anti-austerity Syriza Party win 149 of 300 seats in parliament, with leader Alexis Tsipras sworn in as Prime Minister after successfully forming a coalition with fellow anti-austerity party Independent Greeks. Tsipras has promised to reject austerity and renegotiate Greece’s $270 billion bailout with the […]

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A Big Cheese Forum from 2013 with seven representatives of the college in attendance.

Qingyi Gong, Staff Writer Bryn Mawr held the Big Cheese Forum in the campus center on Nov. 2nd, just two months after President Kim Cassidy’s inauguration and at a time when many student-related topics drew great attention from the student body and the larger campus community. The issues discussed on the forum included Title IX training, […]

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[On November 17, BSL (the Black Students League) arranged a “Blackout” in Haverford’s dining center. Students dressed in black, ate in silence to pay tribute to a recent victim of a racially motivated violence. The event was closely linked to the grand jury’s decision on indicting Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown in […]

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Police Tape

 December 1, 2014 to December 7,2014 Haverford College Tuesday, December 2 6:12 pm, Theft, INSC A student from Kim Hall called about a group of people trying to enter second floor of Kim Hall whom she did not recognize. She told them that they could not come in. Officers found five people in area and […]

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Demonstrators in Clayton, Mo. raise their hands in protest of the killing of Michael Brown.

Abby Hoyt, Staff Writer  Background:             On August 9, 2014, after stealing some cigarillos from a local liquor store, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson continue down the street, walking in the middle of the road. After a few minutes Officer Darren Wilson arrives in his police car and asks the two men to walk on […]

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Abby Hoyt, Staff Writer Exactly one week after the election results were tallied, revealing an overall Republican victory, Bryn Mawr College hosted a post-elections panel discussion to decipher the results and make predictions for the 2016 presidential election. The panelists were Alexander Heffner, host of the PBS program The Open Mind, Matt Kerbel, a professor […]