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Photo courtesy of Shadia Wood, Survival Media Agency

Qingyi Gong, Staff Writer On Tuesday September 23, over one hundred representatives, ranging from heads-of-state to government officials to leaders in business, finance and civil society, met in New York City for a United Nations summit to discuss the issue of climate change. The summit was the largest and most important global meeting on climate […]

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A demonstrator stands outside the church in Ferguson while Brown's family and civil rights leaders meet inside.

Umika Kumar and Michael Schwarze, Staff Writers All photos by Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo of Slate Magazine. See more of her work here. On Saturday, August 9th, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown was an ordinary young man walking down the street. Then, after being shot six times, he was dead. It’s been recorded he fought the […]

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Students participate in a peaceful demonstration about race at Bryn Mawr.

Umika Kumar, Staff Writer On September 15th, students received an email from the dean’s office about a recent campus event. Judy Balthazar, Dean of Studies and Interim Dean of College, relayed: “Late last week, two students tacked a Confederate flag on the wall outside their dorm rooms and taped a ‘Mason Dixon line’ onto the […]

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Marin Cilic of Croatia (right) and Kei Nishikori of Japan hold their trophies following the 2014 US Open. Photo curtosy of the AP.

Lizzie Siegle, Staff Writer Almost a month ago, the top tennis players in the world descended upon Flushing Meadows, New York for the 134th US Open.  Although Customs Week and the beginning of classes made it difficult for Haverford and Bryn Mawr students to follow the tournament, the world sat stunned as seeded players fell […]

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“To Fight for Climate Justice, It is Time We March On” Qingyi Gong, Staff Writer Tens of thousands of climate activists from the U.S. and the world headed for New York City Sunday to demand action on climate change in the People’s Climate March two days before a UN Climate Summit. The march was assumed […]

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A view overlooking the city of Edinburgh, with the union jack flying high from an office building in the lower right corner.

Monica Marie Zorrilla, Contributing Writer Photo by Maria McGurrin Most of the time, when Scotland comes to an American’s mind, the associative list of stereotypical items goes as follows: bagpipes, bearded men in kilts, beer, and baaing sheep. Sometimes, the image of the average Scot tends to flash across our mental canvas as a bunch […]

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palm tree jpg

Lily Lopate, Co-Managing Editor For many, the prospect of summer fills our minds during the final month of school. Thoughts of reclining in an Adirondack chair, seeing family, or eating flavorful foods fuel us through to the end of finals. But what happens when the two-week stretch of delirious sleep patterns and fast-paced typing ends? When […]

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On  May 14, 2014, the University of California’s Dr. Nadesan Permaul sent a letter to The Bi-College News, concerning Haverford’s response to Robert Birgeneau as one of the speakers for the 2014 commencement.  The letter is below:   Dear Haverford College, I regret that a minority of students and faculty were able to dissuade Chancellor […]

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By Qingyi Gong Staff Writer Bryn Mawr held its annual student awards ceremony on April 23 at Thomas Great Hall. 88 undergraduate and graduate students received prizes for their excellence in academic work or co-curricular activities. 53 types of prizes were awarded this year, including national awards, departmental awards, and literary prizes. Prizes are sponsored […]

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By Qingyi Gong Staff Writer Bryn Mawr’s Big Cheese Forum was held in the Campus Center Main Lounge on March 30 by the SGA. The forum takes place once a semester in lieu of a typical SGA meeting. It offers students a chance to ask questions to the school administration directly. Seven school officials and […]

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By Rachel Genovese Managing Editor On Monday, April 7, Bryn Mawr’s Town Hall on Race was held at Thomas Great Hall. The Town Hall was attended by staff, faculty, and students. President Kim Cassidy opened by saying, “It’s a shame that this meeting had to happen, but I am optimistic to see so many of […]

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Hijabi Monologues picture

By Maya Felman Staff Writer At seven o’clock on Saturday March 22, eight Bryn Mawr students sat in a row of chairs on the raised platform in Old Rhoads Dining Hall. Farah Al-Yagout ‘16 stepped forward, approaching the audience that had quickly filled the room. “I’m tired,” Al-Yagout declared, thus beginning the first performance of the Hijabi […]