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Shreepriya Poudel, Contributing Writer In the craziness of a typical semester in the Bi-Co, it can be really easy to forget all about our summer experiences and immediately address the list of assignments and papers due every week. My summer internship in Philadelphia gave me a major wake-up call as to how I was leading […]

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A demonstrator stands outside the church in Ferguson while Brown's family and civil rights leaders meet inside.

Umika Kumar and Michael Schwarze, Staff Writers All photos by Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo of Slate Magazine. See more of her work here. On Saturday, August 9th, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown was an ordinary young man walking down the street. Then, after being shot six times, he was dead. It’s been recorded he fought the […]

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Columbia students help Emma Sulkowicz carry her mattress across campus. Photo by Jessica Valenti.

Fiona Redmond, Staff Writer  We’ve all struggled to manage the burdens that come with starting a new semester at college, but perhaps none so much as Emma Sulkowitz, a student at Columbia University. This senior visual arts major has carried her twin sized mattress around campus since the beginning of classes as part of her […]

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Lily Lopate, Editor in Chief “The college hug” is a language all its own. It needs no dialogue or footnotes. The vague form fits its function, leaving you with a feeling of ambivalence, as if you are stuck in a doorway not sure whether to walk through.  Almost calculated, it strikes the ideal balance between […]

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A view overlooking the city of Edinburgh, with the union jack flying high from an office building in the lower right corner.

Monica Marie Zorrilla, Contributing Writer Photo by Maria McGurrin Most of the time, when Scotland comes to an American’s mind, the associative list of stereotypical items goes as follows: bagpipes, bearded men in kilts, beer, and baaing sheep. Sometimes, the image of the average Scot tends to flash across our mental canvas as a bunch […]

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Photo curtsey of FARMiCiA.

 By Morgan Chien-Hale and Michael Schwarze, Staff Writers With Restaurant Week going on in Philadelphia, we decided to review one of the many restaurant offerings. After searching online for possibilities, we stumbled upon FARMiCiA, a popular place in Old City. FARMiCiA came with “Very Good to Excellent” ratings from ZAGAT.  According to their website, “FARMiCiA […]

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On  May 14, 2014, the University of California’s Dr. Nadesan Permaul sent a letter to The Bi-College News, concerning Haverford’s response to Robert Birgeneau as one of the speakers for the 2014 commencement.  The letter is below:   Dear Haverford College, I regret that a minority of students and faculty were able to dissuade Chancellor […]

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Protesters zip-tied or standing in front of the White House fence.

By Zubin Hill Staff Writer It was on Sunday, the second of March when a contingent of Tri-Co students marched on Washington, D.C., on the White House. They went to protest, to dissent the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Now, I will halt here, for I imagine you are asking, “What is the Keystone […]

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By Avie Hochberg Staff Writer Summer is approaching and many students at Haverford and Bryn Mawr already have plans. Students may be returning to summer jobs they held on previous vacations, traveling with their families, traveling from the fridge to the couch, or holding internships. And while there is no doubt that the pressure on […]

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By  Tianyuan Zhang Contributing Writer My 17 days in Sochi was like a dream, with laughter, chaos, ups and downs. I still could not believe that I not only experienced, but also LIVED the Olympics! First Night Chaos My plane from St. Petersburg arrived in Sochi at night on Jan. 31st, exactly a week after […]

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By Madison Poulter Staff Writer Students lined the outside of the student center waiting in anticipation for the clock to strike the magic number when a land filled with stuffing, fur, and childhood glee would open.  Build-a-Bear had come to Bryn Mawr. Around two hundred students left with a new furry friend that night, but […]

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by Michael Pavliv STAFF WRITER   In an annual fall tradition as heralded as the World Series, high achieving students from high schools of all classifications will inevitably ponder the newly published US News and World Report (USNWR) “Best Colleges” rankings. Without doubt, these rankings devastate those students who get rejected from their sixth ranked […]