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By AYESHA MIR, Staff Writer “A high school student in Texas was handed over to the police last week for bringing a homemade alarm clock to school last week because his teachers thought it was a hoax bomb…” At face value, this certainly sounds absurd. But what if I added the detail that he was […]

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Max Leone, Staff Writer   I’d like to get something out of the way- Soylent, the meal-replacement mixture created by software engineer Rob Rhinehart, has a terrible name. Every time someone is introduced to it, the name issue must be raised and resolved (usually with an “it was invented by a California hipster nerd, it’s […]

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[On November 17, BSL (the Black Students League) arranged a “Blackout” in Haverford’s dining center. Students dressed in black, ate in silence to pay tribute to a recent victim of a racially motivated violence. The event was closely linked to the grand jury’s decision on indicting Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown in […]

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Protestors demonstrate against new proposed immigration policies in Los Angeles.
PHOTO BY: Salina Canizales

Michael Pavliv, Managing Editor Although the story has come to be overshadowed by the civil unrest following the grand jury decisions against indicting Officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, all the way back on Thursday November 20, President Obama addressed the nation during prime-time to outline the executive action he vowed to take in order […]

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U.S House districts by party after 2014 Midterm Elections

U.S House districts by party after 2014 Midterm Elections Peter Kondelis, Contributing Writer The 2014 midterm elections marked the second straight midterm in which the Republican Party made strong gains after under-performing in a presidential election year. To borrow a term used by Villanova University Political Science Professor Matthew Kerbel at Bryn Mawr’s 2014 Post […]

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Abigail Hoyt, Staff Writer Photos by Jennifer Orr Strut. That’s the best way to describe how Laverne Cox entered the Robert’s Marshall Auditorium stage, Friday November 7th. There was magic in the way Cox walked that immediately shattered the barrier of fame intimidation that most celebrities emit. Exuding confidence, she took the microphone and through […]

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Michael F. Schwarze, Staff Writer The 2014 midterm Congressional elections yielded a divided government with the Republicans taking control of the Senate and increasing their seat count in the House of Representatives. Prior to the elections, the Democrats had fifty-three seats to the Republicans’ forty-five seats with two independents, who caucus with the Democrats, rounding […]

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Operation Iraqi FreedomCleared for release  by SFC VeShannah Lovelace, PAO, MNC-I, DSN 318-822-1414 Email:

Ash Khayami, Staff Writer Targeting ISIL (or ISIS or IS) has recently migrated from the talking points of Western politicians to the oil fields and strongholds held by the Islamist extremist in Syria and Iraq. Friday, September 26 marked the third day of US-led airstrikes on IS positions. That morning fourteen IS militants were killed […]

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Operation Iraqi Freedom

Mike Pavliv, Managing Editor As Edmund Burke once remarked, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” As of September 21, ISIS remains resolute in its ethnic cleansing and savage brutality reminiscent of history’s most brutal regimes. As the terrorist organization appears poised to establish political authority in […]


Michael Schwarze, Staff Writer Why should a college student like myself care about voting in the upcoming midterm elections? Voting is a right that the United States has fought for repeatedly. There are many people throughout the world who do not have this right. Other countries allow their citizens the right to vote, but heavily […]

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Chuanyi Qi, Contributing Writer The recent riots in Hong Kong, called the “umbrella revolution,” got its name because protesters used umbrellas to resist pepper spray from the police. The revolution stemmed from last year’s proposal, delivered by Tai Yiu-ting, Chan Kin- man, and Chu Yao-ming, to “Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP).”. The OCLP […]

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Photo courtesy of CCHM Victorian Book Club

Lily Lopate, Editor in Chief When I was eleven, I wanted a guarantee that a book would be satisfactory, so I would read the last chapter before committing to any purchase. Not quite carefree, I was seeking assurance.  In hindsight, my tendency to jump ahead was inconsiderate to the likes of Frances Burnett or E.B […]