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On  May 14, 2014, the University of California’s Dr. Nadesan Permaul sent a letter to The Bi-College News, concerning Haverford’s response to Robert Birgeneau as one of the speakers for the 2014 commencement.  The letter is below:   Dear Haverford College, I regret that a minority of students and faculty were able to dissuade Chancellor […]

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Protesters zip-tied or standing in front of the White House fence.

By Zubin Hill Staff Writer It was on Sunday, the second of March when a contingent of Tri-Co students marched on Washington, D.C., on the White House. They went to protest, to dissent the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Now, I will halt here, for I imagine you are asking, “What is the Keystone […]

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By Avie Hochberg Staff Writer Summer is approaching and many students at Haverford and Bryn Mawr already have plans. Students may be returning to summer jobs they held on previous vacations, traveling with their families, traveling from the fridge to the couch, or holding internships. And while there is no doubt that the pressure on […]

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By  Tianyuan Zhang Contributing Writer My 17 days in Sochi was like a dream, with laughter, chaos, ups and downs. I still could not believe that I not only experienced, but also LIVED the Olympics! First Night Chaos My plane from St. Petersburg arrived in Sochi at night on Jan. 31st, exactly a week after […]

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By Madison Poulter Staff Writer Students lined the outside of the student center waiting in anticipation for the clock to strike the magic number when a land filled with stuffing, fur, and childhood glee would open.  Build-a-Bear had come to Bryn Mawr. Around two hundred students left with a new furry friend that night, but […]

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by Michael Pavliv STAFF WRITER   In an annual fall tradition as heralded as the World Series, high achieving students from high schools of all classifications will inevitably ponder the newly published US News and World Report (USNWR) “Best Colleges” rankings. Without doubt, these rankings devastate those students who get rejected from their sixth ranked […]

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By Ava Cotlowitz   “Excuse me miss, no photographs allowed.” With a frantic gesture, I brought my camera phone to my side and stared blankly into the eyes of a six foot five museum guard. “Sorry,” I mumbled, walking off in the opposite direction. That wasn’t the only photo I failed to take that day, […]

Photo courtesy of Bryn Mawr College

by Sarah Jenness, Christine Calderon, Jomaira Salas Contributing Writers In Spring 2012 it was announced that Perry House, a living and social space for members of Sisterhood, Mujeres, and BACaSo would close due to lack of maintenance. A 1970 list of demands by black students needing a space to celebrate and value their culture produced Perry House […]

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Photo courtesy of Bryn Mawr College

By Amanda Beardall Contributing Writer   While the rest of the campus was sound asleep on Saturday mornings, during my freshman year I would wake up at 5 AM to catch the first train into the city where I would spend the day leading social justice workshops and doing related service projects with middle school students. […]

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Photo courtesy of Haverford College

By Tim Ibbotson-Sindelar ’13 and Laura Hecht ‘13 Contributing Writers How many times at Haverford or Bryn Mawr have you discussed inequality, justice,poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, or hunger? Here in the Bi-Co, we are fortunate to be surrounded by students and members of the community that care deeply about injustices in the world. There are many that […]

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: After Hurricane Sandy hit southeastern Pennsylvania the evening of Monday, Oct. 29, trees and power lines were down all over Haverford and Bryn Mawr. On New Gulph Road and Morris Avenue, a fallen tree took out a power line and closed the road.

By Lee McClenon Columnist “Anyone who says there is not a change in weather patterns is denying reality,” said New York governor Andrew Cuomo in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. While I do not believe that any one storm can prove climate change to be true, it is evident that climate change is already here. Unlike […]

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By Emma Geering Contributing writer I was raised in a part of New Jersey that, despite the state’s tendency to go with the Democratic candidate during the Presidential election, is very conservative. Parents preach to their children, essentially brainwashing them with the jaded ideas of a conventional America. Ideas such as that they were blessed to […]