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Columbia students help Emma Sulkowicz carry her mattress across campus. Photo by Jessica Valenti.

Fiona Redmond, Staff Writer  We’ve all struggled to manage the burdens that come with starting a new semester at college, but perhaps none so much as Emma Sulkowitz, a student at Columbia University. This senior visual arts major has carried her twin sized mattress around campus since the beginning of classes as part of her […]

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Marin Cilic of Croatia (right) and Kei Nishikori of Japan hold their trophies following the 2014 US Open. Photo curtosy of the AP.

Lizzie Siegle, Staff Writer Almost a month ago, the top tennis players in the world descended upon Flushing Meadows, New York for the 134th US Open.  Although Customs Week and the beginning of classes made it difficult for Haverford and Bryn Mawr students to follow the tournament, the world sat stunned as seeded players fell […]

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Hee Sook Kim, "Transformation 8" Photo curtsey of  Lisa Boughter.

  Lily Lopate, Editor in Chief  Ever think about the textures that originate from across the world that you suddenly see silkscreened to your canvas tote bag? Haverford’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery entertains that question in its first fall exhibition, A Spiritual Garden, featuring the solo work of Haverford’s Fine Arts Professor Hee Sook Kim. The show […]

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A view overlooking the city of Edinburgh, with the union jack flying high from an office building in the lower right corner.

Monica Marie Zorrilla, Contributing Writer Photo by Maria McGurrin Most of the time, when Scotland comes to an American’s mind, the associative list of stereotypical items goes as follows: bagpipes, bearded men in kilts, beer, and baaing sheep. Sometimes, the image of the average Scot tends to flash across our mental canvas as a bunch […]

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Photo curtsey of FARMiCiA.

 By Morgan Chien-Hale and Michael Schwarze, Staff Writers With Restaurant Week going on in Philadelphia, we decided to review one of the many restaurant offerings. After searching online for possibilities, we stumbled upon FARMiCiA, a popular place in Old City. FARMiCiA came with “Very Good to Excellent” ratings from ZAGAT.  According to their website, “FARMiCiA […]

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Photos by Maria McGurrin For more information on the 2014 and 2015 Philadelphia flower shows visit  

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Photographs by Maria McGurrin and Julia Baumgarte                                                                  

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Sassy (Honest) Question- I know that it can cause problems, but (if done responsibly) why don’t people embrace sex more? Shouldn’t it be apart of a healthy lifestyle? Honest Question- WHY IS BRYN MAWR SO AWESOME? -this is awesome, thanks for doing this !! xoxo -E Answer: Dear E, Anyway in my honest opinion people […]

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John Carlos (right) and his fellow Olympians Tommie Smith (center) and Peter Norman (left) at the 1968 Olympics 
Photos by: Allison Levitan

By Sarah Wolberg Olympic medalist John Carlos spoke to a packed Stokes Auditorium on the evening of  September 27th to discuss his civil rights demonstration at the 1968 Olympic Games. Carlos, along with his United States track teammate, Tommie Smith, made news worldwide the summer of 1968 after he raised the Black Power symbol of […]

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By Anna Sargeant Last Word Editor When I was in fourth grade, my absolute favorite animal was the tree frog. God knows why. I mean, neon colors are a plus, and frogs have them in spades. Also, they were super easy to draw onto my textbook covers. I just drew a bunch of circles and […]

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By Angela Mastrianni Staff Writer This Thursday, Haverford College hosted the Women’s and Men’s Cross Country Main Line Invitational at their Alumni Cross Country Course. The top finisher from Bryn Mawr College was Kristina Kronauer, who placed thirteenth with a time of 17:33.20 and was the fastest division three runner in the meet. Coach Hewitt, the […]

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The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes a list of Essential Medicines, which it says a functional health system should have available in the right amounts at all times. Photo courtesy of WHO.

By Devin van Dyke Columnist Medicine is a resource, and, like many resources, our ostensibly sophisticated society has not quite figured out its fair distribution according to need. Systems of supply and demand send goods around the world from their sources to wherever they can earn the most profit–medicine is no different. The result of […]